KCUR-FM interview

I was interviewed recently on the "Statehouse Blend" program on KCUR public radio in Kansas City. I was asked about issues involving the budget and taxes as well as highway funding and the KDOT budget. Here is the link to the audio:

Comcast Newsmaker Interview

During a recent video interview, I discussed the budget that was passed in this year's legislative session and the bill to fund it. Here's the LINK to view the short video

A Record of Proven Results


John has fought for lower taxes in Kansas, enabling families to keep more of their own money to save, spend and invest in a growing economy.


John led efforts to defeat irresponsible budget growth, eliminate wasteful spending and increase government efficiency.


State government is the first line of defense against federal overreach. John has fought to protect your second amendment rights, to resist an over-zealous Environmental Protection Agency and to overturn ObamaCare.


John led the charge to extend basic health insurance coverage to children suffering with autism. (Watch John's video on the Video Page) Now the parentsof children with autism can more easily afford the vital medical care their children need. Read more...


John has been the driving force behind increasing the severity and enhancing the penalties for drunk drivers, strengthening Kansas criminal laws for the worst of the worst, eliminating the statute of limitations for rape in Kansas and promoting governmental accountability and transparency.


John authored a bill calling for the public release of probable cause affidavits supporting search and arrest warrants in Kansas. He was recently awarded the 2014 Friend of Open Government award by the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government. Read more…


Rep. Rubin was a leader in passage of a bill requiring legislative approval of any expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare. A House leader in passage of the Health Care Freedom Act.


John voted for a bill that increased public school funding by $129 million and allowed more local control for Johnson County school districts. Read more…


The statute of limitations on the prosecution of rape cases was abolished. Read more…

My View: "Inclusion and Belonging" Classes at KU

I weighed in recently on the issue of new proposed "inclusion and belonging" classes/training for all students, faculty and staff at KU.  The AP article reporting my concerns and the reasons for them can be found by clicking on THIS LINK.

Then came an editorial by Barbara Shelley in The Star that truncated my quotes on this issue and took some of my remarks out of context. To read, click on THIS LINK.

I wrote the following letter to Barbara in response:

Dear Barbara,

Since in your subject Commentary you chose to apply the word "ominous" to comments I made regarding the proposed University of Kansas "inclusion and belonging" training for students, faculty and staff, I am compelled to write you with two questions:


A Fond Farewell...

April 2, 2016

MY Fellow Kansans:
As many of you may have heard by now, after thoughtful consideration, my wife Birdie and I arrived at the difficult decision some months ago that I would not run again this year for a fourth term as your 18th District Representative in the Kansas House of Representatives.

The purpose of this message is two-fold:  First, to tell all of you, particularly my Shawnee constituents and those of you who have honored me with your support, of the reasons for my decision, and to thank you for the privilege of serving you in the Kansas Legislature for the past six years.  And second, to announce my wholehearted support and strong endorsement of Eric Jenkins, Shawnee Ward 2 City Councilman, who has filed for my seat, to replace me as your Representative in the Kansas Legislature.

Governor Signs Bill Protecting Unborn from Ghastly Procedure

I was on hand when Gov. Sam Brownback signed SB 95 into law during a ceremony today (April 28, 2015) at the Holy Trinity Parish in Lenexa. The bill is the Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act. (Video by Jim Sullinger Strategies LLC)

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Praise for Leadership Skills

Jim McLean has written a very good article about my work in the Legislature in an issue of The Journal, a publication of the Kansas Leadership Center.  Chris Green, The Journal’s managing editor, wrote to me stating: “I am really excited to able to offer that example of leadership to our readers and I’ve heard very good feedback about the story thus far.”
Here's the link to The Journal’s story: http://klcjr.nl/johnrubin

Also, I was featured recently in two newspaper articles. A page one story in The Topeka Capitol-Journal discussed my efforts to bring more transparency to the legislative process, an effort known as "Rubin's Rules." Click on THIS LINK to see the entire story.

The second article appeared in The Kansas City Star and discussed efforts to come up with a state policy on the use of police body cameras. Click on THIS LINK to see the entire story.:

Rubin Leads Judicial Reform Efforts

I recently responded to Brandon Smith, policy director for Gov. Brownback, regarding my consideration of alternatives to incarceration for youthful or adult offenders convicted of drug crimes. He sought my opinion on the matter and here’s how I responded:

Tax Plan Fixes Budget Hole

TOPEKA | In accordance with the rule of law, which is a foundational principle for me, just as the Kansas Constitution requires, I voted for and the legislature has passed and sent to Governor Brownback’s desk a conservative tax plan and budget that balances. Forged by stout debate, this package is a victory for Kansans, and keeps taxes as low as possible for all Kansans.